Search Engine Optimization For E-Commerce

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a strategy for optimizing your website so that it can acquire as much free search engine traffic as possible. This usually involves producing a decent amount of unique high-quality content, reaching out to other sites and have them link to you, and being very active on social media.

Problems For E-Commerce

The biggest problem e-commerce stores face with SEO is the lack of high-quality content. A lot of the time you will see the same products sold over and over again with very similar and short descriptions. Some store owners may not even include more than 1 picture, a single sentence description, and a price. That makes it extremely hard to rank in search engines for a variety of reasons. Then if you have a similar or the same product as 100 other stores you are very unlikely to receive any traffic at all.

Your store can still make sales if it ranks for other pages or maybe even if you have built a brand, but you will still be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table if you don’t rank for your products in search.

Basic Solutions and Ideas to Help You Rank In Search

Use very descriptive  and unique titles if possible

You never want to make a title so long and descriptive that humans won’t understand what you are selling. But remember when you are choosing a title to add good strong keywords in there that will help people and search engine better understand what you are selling. Another point I want to discuss here is using a unique title. If you are copying the title from the place that you have gotten your product from then chances are other stores are too. A quick Google search will show you what others have as a title for that product.


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